Recently I found myself in a whirlwind of a personal storm. It felt like the heavy rain was drenching me from every side. I could not find my umbrella for the life of me. Maybe I don’t even own one at this point, because life sure threw me into a downpour…good hair and all. Isn’t life like that? When it rains it truly does pour? I mean what would happen if only ONE thing went wrong? Why not just throw all of it to us at once? I felt like this recently when life threw me a curve ball…I mean a whole line-up of curve balls. I was trying to dodge them and then I realized that sometimes…the rain is meant for a reason. Sometimes, we just need to only shift our perspective of the storm. As I was trying to come up with the words to accurately describe my feelings of the life storm; I resorted to poetry. Enjoy.

Rain, Rain…

Rain drops don’t go away

They fall down just to stay

I keep waiting on the sun

Just a peek of it I would love.

But somewhere

In this stormy sky

I see lighting crashing to the ground

I hear thunder clapping loudly all around

As if it’s happy to see me standing there

With no umbrella and wet hair

Guess if it’s gonna rain this hard

I’ll learn to dance away the storm.

Rain rain

Don’t go away

I’m here to play

Rain rain

Please do stay

Take me by the hand, lead this dance

Rain rain

Keep pouring down

Some of us find solace there

Rain rain

Say my name, make me strong

Drown out the pain

They say lighting don’t strike

The same place twice

So, I’m safe to stand my ground

I’ve already had it hit me down

Some people see more rain than sun

My life story — the rain I’ve come to love

My fear of most storms

Have been erased with comfort in its place

I guess when rain starts to pour

There is no need to fear or run

Stand there — soak it in

Feel it sink into your skin.

Rain rain

Warm me with your embrace

Kiss me with reminders of the pain

Rain rain

Come take me home

Flood my soul with your cold

Rain rain

You made me strong

Because of you I dance my song

Rain rain

Still my heart

Keep pouring down

Some of us find solace there