A year ago, I wasn’t feeling good. My husband, Robin, and I had separated a few times and we weren’t getting along. We have three kids. I’m 50, and I was stressed a lot of the time, and I wasn’t sleeping well. I wanted to connect more with my family, and I downloaded the Thrive app.

I started by making sure I get the sleep I need.

Before bedtime, I relax by closing my eyes and breathing deeply, then I fall asleep easily, and quickly. 

When I wake up, I feel ready for the day.

Every morning, I say, “I invite joy into my life.” Thrive Resets help me focus. I take a few minutes to stretch and do a breathing exercise, and while I’m brushing my teeth I do hip rotations to get my body moving. 

Now that I’m getting enough sleep, I get up early.

I cook for my kids, and do some housework. And before I leave home, I make sure I’m clean, fresh, relaxed and looking good. I put on my favorite perfume then go to work feeling positive and full of energy. My appearance has changed — I feel like I look younger. And my co-workers think I look younger — they ask me what cosmetics I’m using! But I’m just feeling happier.

I’m spending more time with my husband.

I was often mad at Robin, and I’d stop talking to him for days or even weeks, and I’d feel sad. I didn’t share my thoughts and my feelings with him. Now things are much better. We’re talking openly to each other every day. So even if I am mad at him, I calm down and we sort things out. 

I’m communicating with my kids and showing them how much I care.

We watch movies and go to the beach. And the kids are helping with housework, cooking and gardening. My youngest daughter, who’s 13, had been experiencing some problems, but she’s feeling better now. She’s asked me to teach her to play the piano and the guitar, and we’re enjoying being together. I’m much more positive, and the kids can feel that. 

We’ve changed the way we’re eating.
I use the airfryer; I steam or stew food instead of deep frying everything. I make lots of Vietnamese soups with vegetables. There’s always fruit in the fridge for healthy snacks and treats.

I’m more active. 

I bought online shuffle dancing classes. Dancing brings me joy and has really helped my confidence.

I’m enjoying gardening. 

It’s a great way to move and relax. I’m growing herbs like basil and mint, and lots of vegetables, like squash, which we use for meals, and that helps us save money. Watching my garden grow makes me proud and happy. 

At work, I make sure I stretch and breathe.

And I take all my breaks. Before Thrive, I used to think I didn’t need my 15 minute breaks. I preferred to keep working and help our customers. But now I stop to rest and drink some water. I know that is good for me and it benefits our customers.

I’m smiling more.

I love my job and now I’m more motivated, and I work more effectively. My colleague went to see my manager to compliment me on my work, and the Manager asked her to put a note about me on the “Moments of Care” board. I’m so proud because she said I’m the best cashier in the store! 

Every evening, I make a to-do list for the next day.

There’s always a lot to do, and writing down my priorities helps. Before, I would put things off and think to myself, “I’ll do it later.” I really love this Thrive Microstep: “If something takes less than two minutes, do it immediately.”

I’m saving money

As often as I can, I put money into my savings account, and I always pay off my credit cards. Instead of buying new things, I buy them second hand for a good price. I also pay attention to how much electricity I use — I’ll turn down the air conditioner. And because I care about the environment, I always choose reusable household items. It’s all working — I’ve saved more than $27,000.

I’m much happier.

My marriage is healed, my daughter isn’t depressed anymore and I have good habits to help me stay healthy.

— Phuong Gibson, Walmart Store #2308, Lihue, HI; $5K Winner