Business entrepreneurs go along with the modern trends of business transactions. Moreover, they tend to look for innovative services that can make their business more efficient.

Daniel Kivo is a Navy Veteran who served for four years in Okinawa, Japan. He is 28 years of age and hails from Corona, California. Due to his work, he had the privilege of residing and working across the globe. He finished his bachelor’s degree in Communications from Vanguard University. He also took his master’s degree from Claremont Graduate University. His experiences in working are comprised of pieces of training and development. He also has expertise in sales and recruitment.

What makes his company unique, among others, is that they have an office in the Philippines. They have a manager, a recruiter, and many virtual assistants. They are a big team of versatile virtual assistants that can give you topnotch services at the most affordable prices. Their VAs possess the skills, knowledge, and experience that this competitive world requires.

Furthermore, Kivo had a master’s degree in training and development. Therefore, he has what it takes to choose and mentor every new VA in his team. He conducts weekly training in their area. This program is to empower the skills and knowledge of their virtual assistants. Moreover, these developmental pieces of training help the VAs grow to their fullest potential in a variety of niches. 

Daniel can easily provide a couple of virtual assistants at the price of one. Rest assured that he had already screened and mentored the team that would ultimately become your company’s greatest asset. They can quickly adapt to your business niche, and they can handle the job with grace and professionalism. 

Their services include the following: Ecommerce, Real Estate, S-E-O, Content Writer, Executive Assistant, and Social Media Management that can help aspiring businesses to reach greater heights. Regardless of the company niche, may it be real estate agencies, start-ups, small business ventures, or restaurants, Kivo and his team would have no problem doing wonders. 

Moreover, their company differs in such a way that they have regular weekly training for employees. This is to ensure that everyone in the team is updated of the latest trends in a variety of industries. In addition, they have an actual office where the CEO personally chooses each VA. They provide their clients with an amazing virtual team rather than only one VA to accomplish multiple sets of tasks at a time.

Daniel Kivo wants to help businessmen by building a harmonious working relationship with them and gaining their trust. Their dedication and willingness to be of help reflect in the work that they do, and their long list of successful clients can easily attest to it. 

Hiring Virtual Assistants is a recommended strategy, especially if you are determined to take your company to the forefront. Through the quality services that they provide, you can determine your company’s strengths and weaknesses, show people what you can do, and ultimately reap the sweet fruit of success. 

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