In the last 15 years the participation of youth in politics has been severely criticized by the scarcity of this. The new western generations have generated an abrupt detachment towards politics. However, within this unflattering panorama, a young Ecuadorian stands out, thanks to his antipolitical movement created at the beginning of his career, he has managed to take a predominant attention in the Latin American international politics.

Daniel Víctor Molina, who from an early age showed interest in political science, has dedicated much of his career to create media where young people can express their civic and political activism and in this way promote not only conscious voting, but also the strong participation of younger generations in politics.

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Some traditional forms of civic participation have become over the years practically irrelevant for the new generations, it is for this reason that Molina seeks to expand knowledge and generate a 21st century political activism movement. As an example of the previously mentioned we have the peaceful dialogues, the writing of awareness articles on candidates or politicians.

In general terms, a high interaction on social networks and even informative videos on digital platforms is what Molina has developed with success. Daniel Molina has a channel YouTube channel as platform where he shares interviews, thoughts, news and opinions related to politics, but also maintains a very successful political consulting firm, through which he has led successful presidential political campaigns and guerrilla management across various countries in Latin America.

Molina Consultores Políticos which has extended now as ‘’Molina Coporation’’ has his headquarters in Ecuador and has offices in sister countries such as Peru and Colombia. In addition, it also works hand in hand with several of his great mentors such as Ismael Cala, Juan Pablo Escobar, Mauricio Hoyos, Allan Acosta, among others.

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