Fahda Romie

Dreams have no copyrights or ownerships, even those who reside by street or sleep on footpaths also sleep with their dreams by their side. But there are certain journeys and people who leave a mark in this world and serve as a lesson and inspiration for all others to follow. 

They teach the world those valuable lessons about courage, inspiration and the power to succeed irrespective of the circumstances. One such inspirational journey is of Fahda Romie, originally named Jerone Downes, a Jamaican singer and rapper who paved his way in the music industry and is marking his own territory by establishing himself as one of the most promising singers and rappers across the Middle east. 

Journey shifted to Dubai in late 2017, where he started working as a waiter for a high ended restaurant. Being hardworking and passionate about his work won him many hearts at his workplace. His humility and discipline made him everyone’s favourite. 

Excelled in job but felt incomplete from the inside, which ultimately led him to identify his own calling. Destined for something better, and this search for salvation ended when he started writing his own songs in 2017. But as they say, this world is no fairytale, and no good thing can come true without toil.

His first song, “Journey”, was released in 2019, almost after two writing years. But in 2019, he got the opportunity to work for another instrumental. He created the song” Recommend”, a melodious track further remixed by Chad, one of his close friends and a renowned music composer. The song became a huge success and established him as the next superstar of the music industry in the Middle east. 

HIS MUSIC AND GENRE music falls under the Hip hop/ rap genre, which is very popular among the masses, especially the younger generation. His music is dedicated to his fans, where he tells his own journey and inspiration through musical art forms. His style includes hardcore Jamaican dance hall trap music infused with American. His inspiration comes from some of the music industry’s most coveted names like Lil Wayns, East Rave, Alkaline, Gigs and Pop Smoke.

 CURRENT PROJECTS With the success of “Recommend” in 2019, he established his own music studio to create more music for inspiring his fans and released several tracks like Drilling, East Rave, Vortex, to name a few at the end of 2019 itself. 

In the meantime, he even worked with famous musicians like Rasta Rocket and DJ Ranger to create multiple tracks for his beloved fans. Now he is working with Codelank, a Jamaican producer, for his upcoming project. 


His journey is an inspiration for everyone to follow their dreams. To identify their calling. Even though the journey may be difficult, it would be fruitful if one remains committed and persistent with their efforts.