A lot of people associate being an entrepreneur with crazy parties, jets & hanging out with celebrities because of how we are portrayed on tv, but truth is very far from that.  
There is a hidden dark side about being an entrepreneur that a lot of people don’t talk about because they don’t want to portray that. 

#1. No Time For Basic Things

An an entrepreneur,  you can forget about having a set schedule to eat & take care of yourself.    A lot of people assume that,  this only happens when you are starting off,  but that’s not true.   In my early days of “wantrepreneur” ,  i had some crazy routines and schedules like wake up at 4 am to work & drink kombucha, ( lol )  but once i got to generating a considerable amount of income,  i had to give up on all those routines.   I never woke up at 4 am,  I woke up when i could because i was too tired from working till 4 am last night &  my schedule was pretty messed up.

Few months ago,  It got  to a point that i had to set an alarm on my phone to eat because i used to forget to eat for an entire day.

#2. Our Relationships Are Suffering

I’ll be the first do admit.     Yes,  I am trying to improve my relationships but most of us are struggling to manage our relationships with friends, family & SO.   
This is because as an entrepreneur, we don’t have a proper schedule that we can stick to.  For example,  If i am supposed to go to a party & i get a call from my network admin that there is issues on the server.   I am ditching that party.

#3.   Sleepless Stressful Nights

If you work for someone,  you just have to show up & pretend to be working for 1 hr out of your 8 hrs & you will get your wage.    As an entrepreneur,  there are no guarantees.     
On a normal job,  If your company loses a client,   you will still get paid.    If we lose a client, we get paid less.  So always have to make sure that our pipeline is full & we are hustling everyday.
On a normal month,   This is what happens:

  • 1st of each month:   Will i make it? Will we be able to close those deals.
  • 15th of each month:   phew.. we made it.
  • 25th of each month:  Will we make it next month?

Despite all of this,  Is this worth it?

If you want a comfortable life,  you should go to school to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc,  This will  pretty much guarantee that you have a stable income coming in, but if you want to experience life to the fullest with all the ups & downs it has to offer,  become an Entrepreneur.   If you want to meet & work with world’s brightest & most lunatics people ,  become an Entrepreneur.     If you want to have no income ceiling,  become an Entrepreneur. ( Yes, I am asking you to ditch that comfortable life & instead become an Entrepreneur )