Spending more than twenty years touring the world as the bassist with artists such as Pink, Cher, Gwen Stefani and The Mars Volta, Eva Gardner has been able to hone her skills as a master songwriter. In between tours she has been exploring her own recording personality and Darkmatter is what has emerged from the pandemic lockdown.

photo by Denise Nicolay

Darkmatter co-mingles classic pop with indie rock making Eva’s guitar-driven tunes uniquely familiar. Exhibiting a palpable 90s influence, Breeders, Veruca Salt and Belly fans will find much to enjoy as will listeners nostalgic for sunny ‘classic California’ vocal harmonies. Eva’s silky smooth and deftly melodic singing guides expansive exploration of dark matter. I reached out to Eva who said, “I wanted to write pop songs about the human subconscious. Like dark matter in space, just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t influencing us.”

The opening track “Is Love Enough” has some of the catchiest hooks I have ever heard — I found myself humming it weeks after I first heard it. This rocking tune is essential listening for anyone who has ever been in a drama-filled relationship. It has amazing guitar and bass tones and the lyrics foreshadow some of the great themes that are to follow.

Next up is “California Bliss” which is a melodic escape from the ills of the world — you can almost feel the wind in the sails carrying us away from our screens and dark news of the day out over the Pacific ocean.

Capturing the thrill of getting carried away in fleeting romance, “London Nights” strikes all the right chords and is the obvious choice as the first single.

“Anywhere But Here” is equally as captivating; lyrics that plea for relationship stability are wrapped inside sweet and quirky melodic confection. Eva’s splashy mood recedes into a more atmospheric vibe with the synth-laden “High Moon” which has an extremely compelling groove.

Darkmatter demonstrates the craft of songwriting at the highest level, but even more, it is a document of a highly accomplished person allowing herself to process her own uncertainties and vulnerabilities aloud. Eva’s plain-spoken lyrical style draws the listener in emotionally as many universally resonant themes are traversed. Expertly augmented by crisp and luscious musical production, the layers and details provided throughout will catch your ear over and over with each listen.

Eva Gardner has penned and played some of the most delicious pop songs of the year. Don’t miss Darkmatter.

(And if you like Darkmatter then check out “Forever is Never” from Eva’s last release.)


  • Ira Israel

    Psychotherapist & Author

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