Growing up, we had many and ever-changing dreams. As kids, we were never afraid to dream – even if it was of the impossible.

We dreamt of becoming superheroes who could save the world. We dreamt of being able to speak the same language with animals. We created our own fictional universes, diving right into them whenever we daydream. We dreamt of becoming just as successful as that person we watch on our TV screens.

As we grow older, we are introduced to a different aspect of dreams: having an ambitionWhat do I really want to do with my life? What am I good at? What am I definitely not good at? How do I choose my options? Although it’s not my sole consideration, how much will I actually get paid for my service? Do I share the same work ethic with the company I am working for? Was this something I wanted to pursue all along?

After settling on our pathway in education, many of us may start to wonder about fulfilmentIs work all I want to do with my life? What are the things that makes me happy? Do I eventually want to settle down and start a family? Do I want to do more good? Could I make my idea into a movement that would spread awareness around the world? Is pioneering a movement or a company a dream I am considering?

As we grow older, the size of our dreams changes. We may continue aiming for bigger and better things. We may become more contented with satisfying our own personal milestones.

As we grow older, our dreams become more realistic. “I can’t possibly do this too, I don’t have the time”“I can’t quit this job, it’s paying me so well”“I can’t just do what I like. What would the people around me say?.”

Back then, we did not know as much, nor did we worry as much. At times, we find ourselves envying the innocence, the lack of responsibility, and childlikeness of our younger selves. As time goes by, it becomes common to wonder if we had lost the magic of dreaming altogether.

But darling, we don’t have to lose all magic behind dreaming just because we are getting older. Don’t let this world of ours stop you from dreaming. It is never too late to find what makes you feel happy. It is never too late to pull yourself out of the mould that others have placed you in. It is never too late to dream again.

If we have the courage to pursue it, adventure is still out there – waiting for us.


  • Lily Low

    Blogger, Post-Graduate Student

    Lily Low studies Law by day, an aspiring Writer 24/7. She strongly advocates for Mental Health Awareness. Her main goal is to encourage and inspire through her writings. Other than having a passion for people and good music, you may find her occasionally with her nose in a novel. Find her musings or researched opinions also on: Revolutionaries Press, Crunch by Nuffnang, Thought Catalog, Medium, and Young Minds UK.