As the coronavirus spreads around the world, work and life as we know it will continue to be seriously disrupted. Already, many of us are adjusting to a new normal that means working from home, with all the challenges that brings. 

Arianna Huffington and Jennifer Morgan write, “There is no blueprint for how we as individuals, teams, and managers should be acting in this new normal.” But as we navigate it together — and support each other along the way — one thing is for sure: We owe it to ourselves and each other to back up our decisions and solutions with the best, most comprehensive data available.

To that end, we at Thrive Global have launched a one-of-a-kind research program geared toward assessing and proactively addressing top coronavirus-related challenges — including how to help you thrive while working from home

To successfully adapt and thrive in this new normal, we can’t just react to problems as they occur — we need to predict and mitigate issues before they ever happen. We need to identify the successful steps taken by others before us to craft the strongest possible solutions. We need to monitor patterns to forecast trends, inform decisions, and effectively direct our efforts. And we need to do all of this accurately and at scale.

We have already surveyed a nationally representative sample of over 5,000 American adults, the key findings and takeaways from which you can download in the report below. And we’ll be using all the tools at our disposal to capture more insights as the crisis evolves. One of the most striking findings is that 80% of respondents feel helpless and like things are out of their control — underscoring the need for tools that empower people to take action. As Arianna Huffington writes, “as so much recent science has confirmed, we have more control than we realize when it comes to building healthy habits and resilience. So when so much of the coronavirus crisis is outside our control, it’s not only essential, but empowering, to focus on what we can control.”

Joining forces with our partners at SAP and Qualtrics, we will be conducting daily pulse and sentiment assessments, both across the United States and globally, in an effort to build the largest ongoing database in existence.

Our shared aim is to help you and those most important to you not just survive but thrive during  these trying times. And we’ll be using our first-in-class research, advanced analytics, and SAP + the Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse to do just that. Consider the report below the first of many data-driven, empirically-based resources we will be making available in the coming days and weeks. 

You can expect real-time analyses and sentiment scores; a stream of continuously updated content; tailored, actionable insights; and a collection of custom, science-backed Microsteps developed by Thrive Global specifically to help you adapt and adjust — both professionally and personally — to life in the new normal.

Interested in getting involved? Share your sentiment and story via our quick survey here.

Learn more about SAP + the Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse , including the “Remote Work Readiness Evaluation” and “Quick Check-In” here.

To read the Thrive 2020 Thriving in the New Normal report, click the DOWNLOAD button below. 

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  • Matthew Riccio

    Director of Research, Insights, and Measurement at Thrive

    Matthew T. Riccio, M.A., Ph.D., is Thrive’s Director of Research, Insights, and Measurement. His research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Social and Personality Psychology Compass, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, European Health Psychologist, International Journal of Psychology, European Health Psychologist, Motivation and Emotion, Annals of Behavioral Medicine, and more.