Been seeing quite a few posts on #DatingAtWork. It got me thinking about a few people I personally knew, and then it got me writing. I’m not going to venture an opinion on the matter because I have seen two sides of the coin. So instead I’m going to share two stories about four of my colleagues who had engaged in an office romance. For the sake of their privacy & dignity, the overall sensitivity of the matter, and my peace of mind, the names are going to be fictitious, while the situations are very real.

Dileep & Kavya

The first story is about two of my colleagues, let’s call them Dileep Kavya. Now Kavya was ‘Ms. Professional’ and knew how to handle just about everyone and every situation, however, she really did care about others. Dileep was irritant and hot-headed, but extremely good at his job and his heart. Each of them belonged to a separate department but the functional aspect of their jobs required them to be co-dependent on each other.

How they…you, know.

Given their co-dependency, they constantly had to interact with each other.And given the way, Dileep was he wasn’t going to stand for her diplomatic approach and she wasn’t going to stand for his arrogance. The two of them clashed regularly, and I’m not going to pretend like it was nothing. IT WAS EPIC – Every single time! Kavya had met her match. She just couldn’t handle him, but she never backed down. Dileep was surprised, to say the least. But he was never ready to let things go.

The ‘Peace’

Management had to get involved. Warnings were issued to the both of them.The HR held an ‘intervention’ of sorts where both of them were consoled, individually and together. They reached an understanding, shook hands and left for the day. But some things don’t change in a day. The peace lasted for a week, until things got back to the action-packed, high-voltage drama it was in the first place.

‘The Advantage within the Chaos’

Something else started happening because of these clashes. Dileep and Kavya were in competition with each other to outdo themselves. Their respective teams started responding accordingly, which in turn had a positive effect on rest of the employees. PRODUCTIVITY WENT UP! And so the did COMPANY PROFITS!


During the chaos and during the fights, somehow, someway (I really don’t know how), Dileep and Kavya had found a way to work with each other. They were having lesser arguments, barely any clashes and then once in while we would catch them share a smile or a conversation. Of course, there were ‘office rumors’. But how could Dileep and Kavya….NO! NO WAY!

The End

‘We’d like to cordially invite you to the wedding of…’ “WAIT! WHAT?” Yeah, after all of that it ended up a like a ROM-COM with a happy ending (and a fairytale wedding). Kavya and Dileep got married. We all had a scrumptious feast and everyone went home happy.

As I reach the end of this story I look back and think. I wonder whether Dileep and Kavya’s union was a result of circumstances, professional motivations or personal intentions! Every time I had asked them they played dumb. Oh, and before I forget, Dileep and Kavya if you’re reading this, congrats on the baby.

That’s the end of Part One. There’s one more story I’d like to talk about. Here’s Part – 2.

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