Deepak is the founder of Deepak Dating, a firm that has helped countless individuals attain happiness in their social lives.

In an interview with Deepak a couple of weeks ago, he shared some of the obstacles he faced on his journey to the top, how he overcame them, and some words of advice to anyone striving for success. Here’s the interview;

What are your biggest distress Tips? 

For situations where I’m not excessively stressed, I meditate. This happens almost every day but other than this control measure, there are other mind conditioning exercises I engage in.  

Instances, where I’ve applied one of these techniques, would during situations when things are not working either in my corporate or personal life. What I’d do then is to put in my best regardless of the stress levels I might reach in my efforts to put things in place; however, when things do not change after numerous attempts, I let things go, accept them and save myself further stress.  

A good friend I met in India who is a multimillionaire told me about his experiences with people and stories of disloyalty whenever storms arose in his business. His coping mechanism was a resolute resolve not to allow himself in positions and situations that will cause stress for him. No matter how bad things got, he makes sure to enjoy his life.  

He rubbed off on me and I decided to follow his methods; do your best, aggressively pursue your goals but always leave room for a stress-free lifestyle. This is a mindset that helped me a lot. My final word on this would be for you to do your best to attain your targets, but learn to live and let live; this is the best solution moving forward.  

Ways you avoid a stressful day and burnouts?

You only live once and of course, a life spent doing good work is great but the place of leisure and proper rest shouldn’t be jettisoned. 

Personally, to help me relieve some of this stress and avoid burnouts I grab drinks with my girlfriend and other times I enjoy cooking. Sometimes I take outright breaks; this is usually during my nonstop travel due to my teaching schedule. 

Also whatever career path you go down always keeps it in mind that nothing is as rewarding as a job you enjoy doing so make that a big factor in deciding. In actual fact, it should rank above money in your order of considerations to make. 

Your tips for a successful habit?

In my experience, the main observation I’ve made as regards attaining heights of success is that consistency followed by a proper calculated plan works miracles.  

I have seen various guys who have great goals for their lives but they end up reaching the heights they desire. Why? Well, instability and inconsistency. A lot of them lose focus when things aren’t going as planned and keep jumping from pillar to post without proper strategies and frameworks in place.  

Make your expectations commensurate with your capabilities. If you work and take decisions based on the opinion of other people and not based on your reality, capabilities, and strengths then failure might just be on the cards.  

An autistic guy with no expressions and emotions who seek out a career in public speaking would most likely experience failure because it’ll be hard to establish any connections with the audience as a result of his limitations; but say he’s great at quantitative reading and he pursues a career in mathematical and computational analysis, that is a field he’d live and prosper in. There are always exceptions to every rule however the exception doesn’t validate the differing reality of the vast majority. Tailor your life according to your capabilities and watch yourself flourish.  

What are your plans for growth and continuous success? 

Having a reality inclined goal is very important and partnering with the right person who has other skillsets and talents can also help.  

Money does not motivate me however the race for perfection in the execution of my tasks of helping people build new things motivates me but when I partnered with someone who was more aligned with financial freedom and wealth creation, I received extra motivation for the completion of more work. We executed projects that solve the problems of people and at this point, assuming the status of successful people won’t be out of place.  

Receiving motivation is one thing, staying motivated is another. When success and growth are your goals then staying motivated and remaining focused are great necessities.  

What are your sources of motivation? 

My aspirations and goals are more than enough motivation. The knowledge that I can get within touching reach and even comprehensively achieve all of these goals no matter how long it might take keeps me strongly motivated.