Matt Artisan is a Content Creator who curates dating videos for men on his Youtube channel appropriately named “The Attractive Man”. Matt has taught over seven thousand students who’ve experienced problems finding a partner.

In this article, Matt shares actionable advice on sparking motivation and building excellent relationships that last a lifetime.

Cold Feet

Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach or felt like your feet were nailed to the ground when you approach someone you like?

Yes! It happens to a lot of us. And the appropriate term associate this with is Anxiety.

A fast heart rate, rapid breathing, excessive sweating, and a feeling of fear. These are the basic symptoms of anxiety and according to Matt, it has cost dozens of his clients happiness.

Matt Artisan knows the feeling all too well. A while ago, he was in this situation. He would walk the other way when someone of the opposite sex tried talking to him and each time this happened his anxiety grew and self-esteem dropped.

Matt surpassed this stage by applying confidence-boosting techniques such as self-awareness and mental exercises. He recommends that you reconnect with your body and surroundings, and remember that you’re the only person holding you back. 

Building enough confidence to approach someone and hold a meaningful conversation doesn’t happen instantly. It occurs over a period of months and this usually comes with a lot of failed attempts. So don’t feel bad if you don’t do well on your first try.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.

The first step

So how do you start? How do you take the first step to build wonderful relationships?

After helping over seven thousand individuals find love successfully, Matt recommends a few tips you could leverage to build thriving relationships;

First of all, anyone who’s finding it hard to approach someone could start by having model conversations with people they are close with already, take family members or close friends as an example.

You could ask them to approach you as if they were a stranger and with this, you could rehearse how you’ll talk or act when the real thing happens.

You also have to work on building self-confidence. Realizing that confidence is, basically, being comfortable with your surroundings makes a huge difference.

If you can envision a successful relationship with the partner of your choice, then there’s nothing holding you back anymore.

Final thoughts on motivation 

Matt Artisan draws motivation from the transformation he has seen in others, testimonies he’s heard from his clients and life long relationships that have spun from his videos and workshops!

“I love seeing guys walk into a workshop, feeling shy and nervous. But after a couple of days working on confidence training, they do things they never thought possible. This is enough motivation for me!”