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We live in a day and age, where finding love is more convenient than ever. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and a willingness to put yourself out there.

With platforms like online dating websites and social media, it is easy to find love anywhere in the world – from a neighboring city to a continent on the other side of the globe.

If you are considering such an adventure, it is important to understand that people have different views on dating, love, and relationships in different parts of the world.

For some perspective, here are some of the most interesting dating norms and customs from various countries.

Most interesting dating cultures around the world

Sweden — Dating with a free trial period

In Sweden, it is normal for two people interested in each other to go through a kind of trial period before getting to committing to an exclusive and serious relationship.

This period is known as ‘fika’, where the couple goes on casual dates and gets to know each other without any pressure or expectations.

So go ahead, and start dating the Swedish man of your dreams!

Latin America — You date the man/woman, you date the family

It is widely known that family means a lot in Latino culture, whether you are dating someone from Cuba or Brazil.

Latin men and women stay very close not only with their immediate family but also with distant relatives. They also consider close friends as part of the family.

According to this site, dating in Latin America involves getting to know and interact with the whole family. If they do not like you, there will be significant problems.

Australia — A little friend-zoning doesn’t hurt

In Australia, it is pretty much expected that you friend zone your love interest for some time before getting into a romantic relationship.

Unlike Sweden’s “fika”, there is no expression of interest until much later on, even if the attraction was there from the very beginning. It is believed to build strong foundations of friendships on which you can lay the bricks of a stable relationship.

Russia — Chivalry is alive and well

Russian men are often portrayed as being rough around the edges, and the last thing many of us expect is for them to be romantic.

However, behind the macho man façade (and the many layers of winter clothes) is a chivalrous spirit that every woman wants.

They are the kind to open doors, pick up tabs, offer jackets, and treat their women like princesses.

Croatia — Apple proposal

While rings in some parts of the world are considered the expected and acceptable declaration of infinite love, Croatians go for apples.

When a man is interested in marrying a woman that he is courting, he will offer her an apple with something inserted, whether it is a coin or a piece of candy.

If the woman accepts, then the two are officially engaged. It is a bizarre but undeniably cool custom.

Thailand — Love for sale

Whoever said that money could not buy love must not have known of the Chiang Rai province in Thailand.

Here, it is not unusual to find single men approaching their partners’ families with offers to “buy“ the bride from the family.

For many of us, the transactional vibes may seem like the opposite of romantic, but it is widely accepted in the region and is a sign of honoring the parents.

Amish communities — Sleeping together, literally

The Amish community is known for being strictly religious. Therefore, it comes as a surprise to many that one of the Amish courtship customs involves the pair sharing a bed overnight.

This practice is known as bundling, and though the two singles sleep in the same bed, there is absolutely no tomfoolery allowed.

Nigeria — 3 weddings

Multiple weddings are common in different parts of Africa and often include a traditional ceremony which is often held at one of the couple’s family homes. These feature traditional rituals based on the specific tribes involved.

After this, a court wedding is held to make it legal. Finally, you will have a church or mosque wedding, which is common in a profoundly religious country.

China — Dating schools

It is not weird in China to ask for a little help refining your game before re-entering the dating field. There are schools dedicated to this very purpose! These are not some strange “love gurus” hurling slogans and asking you to tap into your inner macho man. They are professionals in different fields, from grooming and etiquette to psychology with all the skills you need to start and sustain a healthy relationship


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