Dating Coach Extraordinaire John Keegan says the most successful flirts are the most playful as well as innocent individuals. In fact, they hardly can draw a line between being playful and being flirtatious. People see in them a kind of mesmerizing charm. They do not hesitate talking to five women on a single day and asking all of their phone numbers. With all their flirtatious behavior, they seem to be highly successful in their dating pursuit. When it comes to dating, it is hard to tell what will work for a person. Nevertheless, if you are a first time dater, you must take expert advice on what will work best for you in finding your love soon. Here are a few dating rules that will make you successful while sourcing your date from the best Asian dating sites.

Never project as though you are a needy person
Till the time you land on a solid relationship, you must learn how to hide your neediness almost completely. The implication is this. If you wish to have a leak, or eat a jelly sandwich or peanut butter you might have in your bag to address the fits of low sugar, you can do it by all means. Never hesitate to have a glass of water if you want. However, never act in a way that will make the other person feel you need something from them.

Never be negative
Never criticize the poorly dressed or ill-mannered people around you in the bar. Never complain that the salad in front of you could have tasted better by spicing it up more. Do not mention the other person’s inconsistencies and shortcomings. If you feel like venting any of these things out, wait till you can sit with an old pal. If you are negative by any means, the other person will never be able to feel you can brighten up their life some time.

Never forget this idea in your mind
You are never there trying to figure out if the person you date of flirt with is going to accept you. In fact, you must act as though you are trying to decide if you can accept him. Explore if he has those qualities you can value. Is he able to make you feel good and confident? Are you treated in the way you want to be treated?

Know that most guys intend to pursue
Though you might be the one who initiated the contact, you must let the other person do the work for you right from the first meeting. Let him call you for dates and send follow up emails. Let him also plan for the future. You must make sure you are enjoying his company thoroughly. But, till you can totally confide in him, it is always smart to make him keep guessing about how much you really like him.

Enjoy and be frisky
It is really a good thing if someone makes little jokes. Spontaneous acts of goofiness can engage those around them. We all like to laugh and smile in our lives. While moving forward with your dating mission, act wholeheartedly as though if nothing turns out to your expectations, you are at least going to have enough fun all through and be the winner.

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