Hi Ladies,

So it’s nearing that festive season and time to buy a dress to wow that sexy co-worker. You’ve been perving on the dude daily for the past 6 months and it’s getting borderline creepy. Good thing he has no idea how much you stalk him on fb- am I right?

The work Christmas Party has been booked. You have a location. You have a time. You have your eye on that mistletoe. Nothing could go wrong!

Well, to ensure you don’t make a solid knob of yourself, we’ve put together a few tips to help turn “Mr Sexy Co-Worker” into “Mr Sexy Casually Dating For 3 Months And Still Don’t Know Where We Stand”. Coz it’s 2017 and dating is bs.

The Do Not’s

  • Do Not – Get wasted. This is an obvious one. So before your inner alcho rebelliously clicks out…be real. You’ve never seen a guy so drunk off his nut you’ve then thought to yourself “there’s my future sperm donor”
  • Do Not– Try to make him jealous. This means, no flirting with other men in front of him, or “bragging” about all your tinder dates. Multiple failed tinder dates is not exactly something to shout about on your prospective GF resume.
  • Do Not Try to act cool and come off as a stone-cold-b*tch. There is a fine line between trying too hard and trying too hard to look like you’re not trying too hard. Find the line.

The Do’s

  • Do- Look hot af. Not just semi-hot. Not just threw-on-some-red-lippy hot. You need to look straight up bangin’. This is your golden opportunity to be free of “office attire” restraints and let your inner Beyonce shine. #queen
  • Do – Have intelligent conversation. Despite appearances, all men are not idiots. I mean- they don’t like idiots. That was clearly a typo.
  • DoBe elegant.There is nothing wrong with embracing your beauty and femininity in a classy Amal Clooney kind of way. This means no twerking on the dance floor. Or anywhere. Ever.

*A little side note – no one likes working with an ex-bf, ex-hook up, ex-stage 5…so choose your work crush carefully.

Love BossyAlexa x

Originally published at bossyalexa.com