The world has been going through a challenging phase since 2020. The pandemic outbreak has altered life in many ways making people dependant on masks and sanitizers. And everyone has a lurking fear when they step out of their house. No one wants to get infected by the virus. This constant fear and growing uncertainty are hurting everyone’s mental health. People are becoming more paranoid than ever. Hence, it is imperative to address this and use guidelines that can help people to lead a balanced life.

Mental health guidelines by David JC Cutler

Prolonged stress and anxiety are not suitable for the human mind and body. It gets manifested in bodily and mental discomforts. For instance, have you been feeling sad and depressed in recurrent intervals for the past few months?

If yes, you aren’t the only one. Here are some guidelines by David Jc Cutler that can help us to maintain better mental health.

  1. Practicing positive affirmations – Our mind takes a clue from our immediate surroundings and relays similar thoughts. Given the current situation, it is natural to think about negative thoughts. But it is necessary to act on it to ensure that the mind doesn’t delve into negative thoughts. For this, you should practice positive affirmations. For instance, if the current situation doesn’t make you feel secure and supported, you can affirm “I am safe and supported” repeatedly. It will gradually shift your focus to a more positive state of mind.
  • Meditate to feel calm – Are there times when you have racing thoughts in a loop? Do you imagine the state of the world if the pandemic doesn’t end? If yes, then it’s time that you must calm down the inner tension and anxiety. And there is no better tool for this than meditation. Simply put, it’s a practice where you need to focus on a particular phrase, thought, or object. If you are a beginner, you can use the word “OM” and keep chanting it in your mind as you meditate. It will help you to calm down and give you much peace. Excess tension can give rise to nerve-related issues and digestive problems. When you meditate, you can heal both your mind and your body and live harmoniously.
  • Exercise daily to release physical and mental stress – None of us were prepared for this new life course, where we have to spend more time at home and less time outside. As a result, it leads to both physical and mental stress. One of the best ways to release that is by exercising. When you exercise, you can remove your physical and psychological stress, making you feel better and lighter. It also helps to release “feel good” hormones which allows you to feel more positive. It also helps you to get your physical agility.

Living amidst such testing times is not easy. It is essential to look after your mental health to bring down your tension and anxiety. The guidelines mentioned above by David JC Cutler can help you to do so effectively.