Rev. David Maginley

Rev. David Maginley is an interfaith spiritual counselor at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and award-winning author of Beyond Surviving: Cancer and Your Spiritual Journey. He is featured in the documentaries Here Right Now, and When You Die.

David has also survived cancer four times, which resulted in a profound near-death experience and explorations in the connection of body, mind and spirit. He knows cancer from both sides of the hospital bed, and this life from both sides of the veil.

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) can be a life changing event. David admits it took a decade for him to integrate the experience, and he is not unique in that.

The Science of NDEs

Science can validate an NDE (Near Death Experience) yet it remains a “not to be mentioned” experience, particularly in western culture. Why is that? Why do we turn away from what many see as a merging of our understanding of science, quantum physics  and spirituality?

David Maginley, NDE

Would having a profound knowing of life after death change your life here and now? Would such knowledge be welcomed or more of a bump in the road? And would you tell people about it?

David’s story, and his book, is a personal and professional journey that merges physics, philosophy and consciousness research. The book is a profound act of love that will have you laughing, crying and wondering. Is there life after death? And if so, what does that mean?

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