David Xavier Sanchez is a well-known and respected entrepreneur in an international level. He has achieved a celebrity type of fame because of his remarkable triumphs with his companies Daxsen Music Group and Daxsen Media which are related to the entertainment industry, he is involved in other industries as well in which he is continuously having an extreme amount of success while building a strong number of supporters. David is involved in industries such as Business Intelligence, Market Research, Software Development, Digital Media Investments alongside others industries within Daxsen Corp.

David Xavier Sanchez early days:

Since his early days, David Xavier Sanchez has been associated with the Information Technology world in which since the very beginning he met computing help him to find he is an enthusiastic researcher and investigator which evidently made him go through all that he has accomplished. David likewise has made it with excellence due to his advertising organization Daxsen Media where he developed remarkable methodologies to study audiences and convert customers for various of the top organizations on the planet, the best global specialists, international public figures, and government officials.

Making this from start to finish possible through the internet , making him able to connect with the right people from anywhere in the world and build a strong business relationship as well as to acquire the tools or code to create new software that suits him the most for every project as well as to be able to have the biggest source of data. Coming from a low-middle class from Guayaquil, Ecuador without doubt technology has been key for the growth and development of David’s companies.

David Xavier Sanchez is not the typical entrepreneur:

David isn’t the run of the mill web business entrepreneur of the influencer period with a leased game vehicle and no foundation or organization. David Xavier Sanchez has concentrated on building a solid and sustainable organization with genuine effective cases which is really rolling out an improvement in each industry he enters on account of his experience ,unlimited want of knowledge ,his energy for advancement and commitment to society. He have picked up the credibility of outstanding industry monsters as Pepsico , Unilever , Ambev to simply name a few as well as divisions of the world’s most significant record labels as Sony Music Entertainment ,Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group.

David Xavier Sanchez is an expert:

As a financial expert, certified big data analyst, market research certified and more, to his scholastics with over 100+ Certifications identified with the referenced subjects along with an in-ground understanding of more than 10 years in two fundamental organizations, Entertainment business (Record Label, Show Business, Management) just as with his Marketing organization (Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing Strategies and that’s only the tip of the iceberg) got the ideal fit for Sanchez to have in the middle of scholastics and information having the option to oversee specific devices while realizing how to break down them profoundly for additional activity. He claims and deals with the apparatuses, data, and preparing yet additionally the experience and the social influence to deal with each extend and accomplish a prosperous improvement finishing off with absolute achievement.

David Xavier Sanchez has the best of both worlds

His knowledge, experience and relations on the entertainment industry and the association with computerized media has in the here and now lead David Xavier Sanchez to see profoundly in his 10 years of experience how the consumer responds, what are their inclinations, how to draw in and convert them into clients yet additionally how to secure, break down and arrange information for additional use in various areas. Because of his work in media outlets approaching key players that today cause a solid effect in the public eye as specialists, public figures, celebrities or influencers has been a key differentiator for David which permits him to give the ideal match in the between deeply explored information and a savvy plan, reachable with the large networks David approach through the gigantic public figures he has support from or have worked with thanks to technology ,names such as : Wiz Khalifa, Tiesto, Shaquille O’ Neal, Migos, Jack Swagger, Juanpa Zurita to give some examples as a portion of the names David Xavier Sanchez have worked or potentially is connected with.

David Xavier Sanchez latest work as an author:

David has also recently written a book name THE ELEVATOR SPEECH who has been #1 Best Seller in United States and Latin America. David is a man who loves to grow businesses and more than anything to cause an impact in society, David Xavier Sanchez has found the perfect way to get incredibly wealthy while impacting people and leaving a legacy.

David Xavier Sanchez : ‘’I DO IT FOR SPORT’’

‘’I’m don’t do it because of money , I do it for sport… I love what I do and I would do it everyday of my life. I’m not thinking in the day I retire , I’m so passionate about businesses that can change the system for a better future or can improve some industry ,I would do it till the day I die’’

KEY ELEMENTS of David Xavier Sanchez

  • David Xavier Sanchez is a classic rags-to-riches story, emerging from humble beginnings coming from a lower class family from Guayaquil,Ecuador to becoming one of the most sucessful new generation entrepreneurs.
  • David Xavier Sanchez, is not the typical businessman he may be one of the coolest standing. He have achieved a major sucess as a DJ/Producer by playing in his career with artists as David Guetta, Cedric Gervais , Albert Neve and getting more than 100 Million Streams in his artist project with his independent record label group while also having track collaborations with Tory Lanez , Nicky Jam , Kenny Man , Darkiel , Yomo, Taylr Renee to name a few and upcoming releases with Pitbull , Flo-Rida and Migos.
  • Now, David is owner of the 25+ Record Labels which have released works from pop/hip hop phenomena’s as Tory Lanez or Offset to electronic dance music legends as Tiesto to underground house icons as Nicole Moudaber or Lee Foss.Works which enourmous sucess because of the knowledge and experience in technology but also in reading society.
  • Daxsen Music Latin , the label division of Daxsen Music Group for latin artists have released works with : Nicky Jam , Almighty , Justin Quiles , Maffio , Sagawhiteblack , Sky Rompiendo , Mosty , Bullnene , Mackie , Yomo and much more.
  • David has 100+ Certifications in Business Intelligence and Market Research and a vast experience in over 500 marketing projects and 300+ Business Intelligence and Market research oriented.
  • David is passionate in Artificial Intelligence and Software development & design, technology has been in his life since his early days, inspired in his father by being a Computer Science engineer/MSCE .

David Xavier Sanchez is a relentless business person, his voracious hunger for development added to steady self-instruction and unending and predominant want to build a legacy makes him an uncommon one, a must watch business visionary of the decade. Being only 24 years of age David has accomplished incredible things some industry experts would simply dream about. Indeed, we will be hearing progressively about the young business leader.

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