No bond is stronger than that of a mother and her daughter. To celebrate and enhance this incredible connection, women empowerment advocate Dawn Fobbs has created an incredibly insightful podcast called Mother Daughter ISH.

Dawn Fobbs is an esteemed business development consultant known for helping individuals and businesses scale their entrepreneurial success. Through her expertise, she conducts workshops, training, and other educational courses to help her clients reach and exceed their milestones. She is also associated with the world-renowned strategic international advisory group, Global Growth Advisors.

On top of that, she is a best-selling author who has penned several informative books such as Your Writing Career: “Becoming an Author(ess)” and Getting Back To Basics. She has also co-authored 7 Minutes 2 Success with business strategist Lyman Montgomery.

The outstanding woman is not only an expert business advisor, but she is also a strong advocate for women. For the longest time, Dawn Fobbs has been looking for ways to make a difference in women’s lives around the world and build a connection with them. 

Eventually, the determined individual has found a way to combine her passion for communicating and advocacy to help women grow. Thus, Mother Daughter ISH was created. It is a podcast that she hosts along with her equally talented and inspiring daughter Aungelique Roberts.

It is a one-of-a-kind program that aims to create meaningful conversations between mothers and daughters to help them strengthen their relationships. The podcast helps their listeners engage in healthy communication and encourages them to be more open with one another. 

Furthermore, it helps provide women from all walks of life with a much-needed source of inspiration and entertainment during the pandemic. The podcast even showcases the mother-daughter tandem’s authentic, fun, and overall excellent partnership.

When asked about what sets their podcast apart, the duo proudly shared, “What separates us is we live what we are teaching, speaking and building. We have taken the time to study it, work through our differences and just really put the work in to be the difference we wanted to see in this world.”

Following the success of the Mother Daughter ISH, Dawn Fobbs and Aungelique Roberts plan to keep the ball rolling and create other ventures that champion women. Together, they have written a book that fosters communication for mothers and daughters, which they plan to bring to a global platform. In addition to that, the pair conducts training in business, personal development and professional enhancement.

In the future, the delightful mother and daughter see themselves creating a global movement and creating a vast network of strong, empowered women. They also plan on hosting a premiere place for women to connect and share ideas to grow internally and show it externally. 

But most importantly, Dawn Fobbs and Aungelique Roberts will continue to create programs and ventures that remain true to their principle, which goes, “When mother and daughter are together, it is the greatest duo!”

Learn more about Dawn Fobbs by visiting her official website. To listen to Mother Daughter ISH, go to Apple Podcasts. You can also check out its YouTube channel and Instagram page for more information.