The challenges of life can be overwhelming. They can be troublesome and even overbearing. Life has a way of shaking us up and tearing us apart of we are not strong enough to sustain. Day by day and step by step, it takes these precious moments to get through the day’s timing. Such is part of those tedious tasks when it comes to maneuvering through the difficulties of daily challenges. Yet, every day, day by day, we take things one step at a time. It’s a meditative process. There’s no doubt about that. As usual, we need that Divine energy to empower us; providing us with Divine strength in overcoming, the impossible!

The problem with the human ego is that it thinks it can do everything on its own. In traditional arrogance, it feels that it does not need a greater strength than what is needed. The vanity of the human ago always feels that it is separate from the Earth, and the Divine. Isn’t that something? If only it could see the real picture of who is truly boss. If only. . .Let’s listen a little further.r

There is great power in the serenity of humility. Opening oneself up to that higher authority permits an individual to rest within it. It’s one of the highest forms of praise, frankly speaking. Far too many people fail to understand that there is a greater power when reaching out to the Divine. Asking for assistance translates into receiving a greater level of abundance. When one’s hands are wide open, there is more to receive. Everywhere on this planet, there are people, who understand this. Everywhere.

In the island of Jamaica, there is also the Spirit of humility. “One Day At A Time.” It’s all about taking it one day at a time. Life is supposed to hard. So, what is the rush? Human impatience, we suppose. We want things to happen right now. Well, quick rewards are much easier than the long term wait. Well, who wouldn’t want to? However, “quick rewards” come with a price. They come with a manner in needing to want to feel accepted, successful, and appreciated. Who would not want to feel that instant gratification?

Hearing the song, “One Day At A Time” creates a stillness like no other. For, in the midst of it, one learns that we can not rush through what the Most High already has for us. As usual, it’s on the Creator’s timing; not of our own.

One day at a time, sweet Jesus

That’s all I’m asking from you

Give me the strength to do everything, that I have to do

Yesterday’s gone sweet Jesus

And tomorrow may never be mine

Lord, help me today

Show me the way, one day at a timegrantedto

When you have been beat down so bad, there are those moments in wanting to give up. We have all been there before. You question your entire existence. There are the moments of wonder and if it is even possible to complete the assignment, which has been handed to you. That’s the power of Divine faith and intervention. It reminds you that you have to get back up and continue on that path. One has come too far to abandon the project, which has been set out for them. Who wants to look back and regret the unfinished tasks? Who wants to have that in the back of their mindset?

I’m only human; I’m just a woman

Help me believe in what I could be and all that I am

Show me the stairway I have to climb

Lord for my sake, teach me to take, one day at a time

On and on, one hears the very tenderness of surrender. Let us make it plain and simple. Surrender is not equated to giving up. That’s far beyond the very purpose of surrender. It’s the contrast of it. For the purpodes of this ballad, surrender is equated to, accepting assistance for the journey, ahead. And in this difficult and cruel world, a spiritual woman needs all of the assistance she can muster. Surrender to the Most High. Let one’s pathway to the finish line, begin.

Could you remember when you walked among men

Lord Jesus, you know when you’re looking below

It’s worse now than then

Pushinand shovincrowd in your mind

Lord for my sake, teach me to take, one day at a time

At one point, the Messiah was human. He moved around the masses. He learned of their mistakes and misfortunes. He understood the challenges and pains, which were experienced by the masses of humanity. Having the best of both worlds, one can see why his love was so great. It takes one step at a time. It takes one steady pace. Just let us know when your done. For there are further mountains, which await.

Barbara Jones