Dayton Kingery strongly believes in the importance of working hard to create a strong body and mind which is why he created  A keen athlete, with a special affinity for kiteboarding and hiking, Kingery has seen how much more whole his being has become since making the commitment to fitness.

Dayton Kingery, founder of

In Fall 2020, I decided to take what I learned from my own experiences and journey to a healthy lifestyle and make it accessible to others.  As such I created through I seek to advise, mentor and learn from others.  

Fitness, health, wellness have always been incredibly important endeavors to pursue.  

There are many reasons for this.  

First, the escalation in the sedentary lifestyle most people live.  Together with the commonly-followed Westernized diet excess unhealthy weight is often the result which can create increased potential for disease.

Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle can therefore reduce the risk for certain diseases such as diabetes and cancer.  Furthermore, there is the financial aspect.  One can avoid unnecessary medical treatments by making fitness a part of one’s everyday life. 

Second, evidence and experience has shown that exercise creates mood-enhancing endorphins which guard against depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.  Given that over 18 percentage of the US population deal with anxiety disorders each year (resulting in 40 million Americans over 18 years old) this is no small matter and requires much investment, which is far less overwhelming when a healthy lifestyle is adopted.

Third, by engaging in a healthy lifestyle, one is educating their children on the importance of staying fit which will help them make similar choices.  Children naturally will follow the patterns of their parents. This is true for both fitness and nutritional decisions.  If as adults we eat well and exercise regularly, there is a good chance our children will learn from our example and follow suit.  This then becomes a generational lesson and is good for the future of mankind.

Fourth, exercise can result in the reduction of immune senescence.  Naturally as we age, the strength of our immune system decreases.  However, studies have shown that we can limit this degeneration by exercising regularly. Even for those who have thus far led a sedentary lifestyle, it is not too late to reverse the retrogressive path of the immune system.

Fifth, working out is very good for bones.  Resistance training (such as push-ups and squats, free weights and weight machines) and weight bearing exercise (such as going up stairs, tennis, hiking) have a huge impact of strengthening bones, building stamina and controlling weight.

With all of the above concepts, it just makes sense to start changing and improving the way we live, eat and take care of our mental and physical wellbeing.