College Web Mentor presents 5 Minutes with Rudy Chavarria Jr., Founder / CEO of CWM. In this series of videos Rudy Chavarria Jr. discusses topics and tells stories that will enlighten, motivate and encourage college students in their journey in and out of college. In this video, Rudy chooses “Bridges” for his topic.

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  • Rudy Chavarria Jr.

    Founder / CEO College Web Media, I give advice to college students

    College Web Mentor

    Rudy Chavarria Jr. is the founder and CEO of College Web Media. and College Web Mentor. His work in the entertainment industry goes back to the 1980's, when he worked in and around Hollywood, most notably as a runner and apprentice under famed recording engineer Shelly Yakus for A&M Records recording studio. He started his first company, Rude Records, in 1989, signing and promoting independent bands on his company’s label.  Promoting largely and successfully to the college demographic, Chavarria eventually focused exclusively on marketing, promotions and PR, specializing in the college demographic. He started a college marketing company, expanding his scope of services to include film, music and start up businesses. He is now focusing on helping college students with his mentoring company.