It’s almost impossible to get clear on what you want and where you want to get to when you are living amongst clutter. We gather so much stuff in all areas of our lives and it’s time to de-clutter to allow ourselves to be calmer, happier and focused on what really matters.

So start clearing.

Your Inbox — Organise it, keep what you need to, delete the rest. Unsubscribe from all of the emails from companies sending you daily advice/insight/hints/tips/sales that you signed up to with the best of intentions but have nothing with any of the emails. And they now add to the several hundred in your inbox and you don’t know where to start.

Your Wardrobe — Streamline it, ideally into a capsule wardrobe where everything goes with everything else. Or take a leaf out of the late Steve Jobs book, or Mark Zuckerberg and minimise the amount of time you spend thinking about what to wear by wearing one outfit, day in and day out.

Your Work Environment — Whether you work full-time in an office, spend most of your week in your car or work from home, clear the clutter and distractions from your workspace. Tidy desk = Tidy mind

Bookshelves/Cabinets/Drawers — The items you keep ‘just in case’ you need them or will read them one day, or because it was a gift from someone but you can no longer who, clear as much of this as possible. Negative energy attaches to items just as it does to us and you don’t need negative energy sticking to you.

Your Relationships — Seriously, this may sound a little harsh, but that friend that you now dread meeting because you are no longer on the same wavelength, or the colleague/client that drains you, the partner who have you have just gotten used to but don’t really see a future together, time to de-clutter and move on.

Your Mind — Really make the most of journaling/meditation/mindfulness or all three to keep your mind clear of clutter. The more you can let go and ben in the present, the easier it is to create a focused plan for the future and be able to achieve it with ease.

When we clear the items, and thoughts that we no longer need in our lives, or that no longer serve us, we create more space for the right people, right thoughts and right actions to come into our life. And we all need the right stuff in our lives right?

Kelly Swingler

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  • Kelly Swingler

    Executive Coach to HR and People Leaders and Founder of the Chrysalis Crew

    Kelly Swingler

    20+ years in HR and Leadership roles have taught me that we can only change the world of work when we start by looking at ourselves.  When our thoughts, actions and interactions are aligned with our values we can ditch the old school management speak and out of date management and leadership frameworks and lead from the heart, aligned with our mission and purpose.