Having become a full-time entrepreneur end of last year, I started to have big anxiety attacks over the last few weeks. Starting out on this journey, isn’t always easy, especially when the mind is getting involved.

As an entrepreneur things like not knowing where the money for next month is coming from has really had a really huge impact on my anxiety.

Also, working alone all day can be a huge change and trigger. Having worked in an office environment for the majority of my working life and always with people around me, working alone in front of the laptop can become lonely very quickly.

Here are five things that have helped and are helping me to deal with my anxiety:

1. Know your trigger!
One of my triggers are yoga classes, not the whole yoga class, only at the end when the students are in relaxation. After moving the body around and releasing emotions from the body, it’s only natural that things come up when you then stop. Now, as a Yoga teacher, I cannot avoid yoga classes, but I’m aware of it and now that I’m aware of it I can ensure to keep my mind occupied with something else, rather than having a freak out in front of my students (which has actually never happened, I wait until I’m home)

2. Get out of the house and move your body!
I’m lucky enough to have a dog that I can walk during the day. The benefits are twofold, firstly it gets me away from the screen and I can switch completely off (this is usually where the best ideas come to mind) and secondly, I’m moving my body, which helps release any stuck emotions.
You can always go running, go to a fitness class, whatever it is, just get out of the house and move your body to release those emotions stuck in your body.

3. List what you are grateful for!
When I feel anxiety come up, I start listing, in my mind, things that I’m grateful for. This exercise is so powerful as you shift your focus and your attention to something positive. You can’t feel negative/anxious and be grateful at the same time. So this is what I started doing at the end of the yoga classes, I sit there and list anything and everything that I’m grateful for in that moment. It really does work, try it!

4. Vitamin D tablets!
I have a tendency to get seasonal depression, so this year I decided to get some Vitamin D tablets. I didn’t notice what difference they made to me until I stopped taking them. My anxiety levels were a lot higher, despite being outside more.

5. People to talk to!
I’m lucky enough to have a Partner who supports me and who I can talk to about what is going on in my mind and in my business. I also have a few close people who I can talk to when anxiety hits me. Those people are from all different areas, some friends, some yoga teachers, some entrepreneur friends, etc. It’s important to be able to talk to other people, rather than holding it all in. For you it might be your parents, coach, therapist. It really doesn’t matter who it is, just talk and share what is going on inside you.

I’d love for you to share your tips on how to deal with your anxiety below!

Jen x