Finding your voice, in an industry like music, is something PSL has had to go through & has been thriving in.

PSL is a charting music artist, a refreshing vibe. After reaching the top of Soundcloud’s charts last summer & building his fan base on other platforms. PSL can say he’s found his voice in this industry.

As an emerging artist you go through so many challenges, PSL explains. The biggest challenge I have faced in this industry is navigating through real friends and fake friends. “Everyone will try and tell you what you need to do once you get something going. The challenge is to know people’s intentions. Do they want the best for me? …Is a question I ask myself a lot.” He stated.

“The best way to navigate through these challenges is to always stick to your reason. Remember why you started making music even when no one was listening. I have learned that understanding people’s intentions in this industry comes with experience.”

A second piece of advice he would would give to all artists is, “To focus your energy on the love you get and not just on the hate when it happens. Focus on feeding your fanbase and the ones who already like your craft. The rest will follow”

As long he stays true to why he started & always have fun while making music, he believes that the right things will keep connecting.

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