‘Change’ in the business world is a buzz word. If we look around all large corporations are going through some form change. I define change as the deviance from norms. Anything new that one previously was not used to. Change is not only limited to corporations. We go through change on a daily-basis without realizing it. Like, taking a different route back home, trying out something new for lunch and the purchase of a new car. But the impact of these changes on our life is so insignificant that it does not seem as anything different to us.

Talking of an average individuals’ life, from cradle to the grave, individuals go through various phases of life that change along the way. School life, high-school, college, university, relationships, jobs, family etc. So why is it that they seem less reluctant to these changes? When we see other human beings going through the similar changes it gives us a sigh of relief to know that we are not alone. It is only when uncertainty kicks in that it instigates fear and hence individuals get hesitant.

A support structure is what is required to help one another deal with change. It does not necessarily have to be a framework. It could be in the form of a mentor, a team or even a significant other. Each one of us is dealing through change and we are somewhat aware of the people around us. Sometimes all it takes is a boost of optimism to cover the distance and that is what I mean by a support structure. For instance, organizations that fail to embrace change is because the people working against it are more passionate than the ones in favor of it. A stronger support structure from within the organization can help neutralize the opposing force through more transparency, lack of which has been the very foundation of the opposing force. Change does not necessarily have to be only in organizations. We deal with it on a daily basis and therefore we need to be the support structure for everyone around us to help them deal with the change.

There is no need to mention the importance of working out of your comfort zone to grow yourself. Everything related to change lies out of the comfort zone. Next time you see someone dealing with change, support them. Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. It comes down to a decision that we need to take. Do we take the bull by the horns or be run over by it. Grow with ‘change’. Because there is no greater feeling then to have accomplished change.