Effective Ways To Deal With Creative Block

A creative block is when the ideas stop coming, and then you as a creative feel stuck in something that feels like a loop. It could manifest when you notice that you are stuck on a particular point for too long, and then you cannot get the work done.

In this post are ways that you can handle a creative block and get your work done in no time.

How to handle a creative block?

Here is how to take care of a creative block without losing out on actual work time.

Create a routine:

According to a study made by Elsevier, when three different sets of blocked creative were examined, the results were different. For those that write based on a preset routine, they showed an improved level of creativity. Apart from just improving the level of creativity, it also added more in terms of output.

However, those that consciously waited for inspirations or ideas to come during a block saw little or no improvement. They found themselves stuck and unable to create new work ideas as frequently as those that already set a routine for themselves.

So, when facing any creative block, set a routine that covers your writing schedule. It becomes easier to have more output and prevent the block from limiting your creative process.

Take a break from work:

At another end of the divide, some can get through a creative block by actually staying off work for a certain period. So, if you discover that you have been going around the same spot for a while, then step away.

When you compare the insightful theory introduced by Graham Wallas, you will understand the stage of creativity. It includes the following:

  • Preparation: here, the creative is mean to collect all the intellectual resources needed.
  • Incubation: This is the stage of continuously processing the resources and ideas.
  • Illumination: At this point, the information begins to make more sense and then leads to getting the main work done
  • Verification: The information is then verified and put into writing.

Considering the various stages highlighted here, you must always take breaks in between while creating new content. The transition between the stages doesn’t have to happen on a stretch as it makes a block.

Go on a walk:

There are speculations that motion helps in kick-starting a creative process. A study done by Stanford in 2014 suggests that walking and creativity are intertwined. It noticeably increases the level of creativity by as much as sixty percent. It could either be indoors or outdoors, but the motion is a way of easing up the intellectual pressure when facing a creativity block.

So, when next you are stuck in a creative block, just go on a walk. It could be just around the block, or at a standing treadmill desk, inside the office and you may be surprised at the results!

Go for a different scenery:

Returning to the same scenery all the time means that you would be met by the same elements while creating new procedures. Instead of going to the same office space every day or staying at home to work, it is better to find a new location.

It could be a new café, a well-optimized workspace, or even a refreshing park that can work as a change of scenery. There are speculations that our thought processes could be shackled when having to go through the same procedure over again. For even more intense results, you can try traveling to other cities to get more perspective.

Try keeping a note:

When it seems that the creative process has stopped and then you are away from your workspace, there are other ways to start up the creativity. There are times that you could see things that make no sense but seems to prompt a few ideas. With the help of a notebook, you can jot them down, and over time, all the pictures could collectively form something more concrete.


Dealing with a creative block can be handled without losing out so much time in the process. There are several steps that a creative could take to get the ideas coming once again. In this post, golden rules of habit offers five practical ways of handling a creative block.