Nothing makes you feel more vulnerable than when you are a victim of credit card fraud. It leaves you feel naked and ashamed that you could have been so gullible. It also throws you into financial turmoil as you wonder what you are going to do so as to recover. The seller from where you are buying your product might use the BIN list to tell you whether you are a victim of the crime.So, what do you do when you suspect that you are a victim. Using the 

Identity theft can be of different formats:

Stealing a credit card

Someone might steal your credit card physically and use it when you are unsuspecting. When this happens, you should alert your card insurer with immediate effect.

Account takeover

Once you have lost your credit card, someone who finds it might call your insurer and try to change the details impersonating you.

Counterfeit cards

Identity theft thieves will use a skimmer to duplicate your card and use it as though it was original

Once you suspect that you are a suspect of credit card fraud, change all pins and associated passwords of your credit cards

  1. Change passwords and PINs
  2. Inform bank  and card issuer
  3. Make sure to inform your bank and credit card insurer so that all activities are paused for the card