Photo by Pete Pedroza on Unsplash

I appreciate you for standing on corners in the rain waiting for buses or riding the subway because it’s your only option to commute to the frontline. I respect your bravery for showing up at addresses in unfamiliar neighborhoods directed by GPS to pickup and drop off people or meals. I admire the smile in your eyes from behind the mask when I drive up for a matcha latte or take out. As I work comfortably in my home office I see you hop off trucks with online orders and daily postal deliveries. I recognize your speed and efficiency behind plexiglass at the check-out as you ask me about my day. I should be asking you about your day as well. I wonder if your family is safe and cared for while you are away?  Who is homeschooling your children? How long have you been on your feet today? You are always pleasant and helpful. 

I see all of you superheroes who shroud your capes with scrubs and reused PPE. You are the first responders and guardians of our health and safety. Your choices to stay home and shelter in place are negated by the essential duties of your job. For many of us, our work spaces consist of laptops, children studying on tablets, Uber eats for dinner and Netflix for evening entertainment. But you are out in the thick of it. You work outside and indoors. You are exposed to the elements of weather, virus, and a frantic public. I commend you for your work ethic and admirable resilience. You keep us fed, safe, and healthy. Your work is the heartbeat of our community and you are vital to our survival. I appreciate you. I see you. Thank you.