Two years ago I flew to Atlanta, GA to be there for my boyfriend during the most difficult time in his life. His mother had passed away and I knew that I had to be there for him. 

Unfortunately, I never got to meet his mother, which meant I never got to tell her how I felt about her son.  Even though we never got to share moments face to face, I knew that she was an amazing person because she raised such a wonderful man. I really wish that I got the time to chat with her and learn more about her and to spend time with her. 

She might not be here in the flesh, but she is definitely here in spirit. I can feel her presence and I know that she is watching over my boyfriend. 

Dear Mom-in-law, 

I really love your son and I thank you so much for raising him to be a gentleman and strong individual. He reminds me daily that chivalry still exists and he’s always opening my doors, pulling out my chair, and making sure that I walk on the right side of the sidewalk so I don’t get hit by a car. 

He is very sweet and intelligent and my parents love him as though he was one of their own. He is my best friend and I am happy that he is in my life and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He isn’t perfect and snores very loudly when he sleeps, but these are the little things that I can overlook. Lol. 

I plan on being with him forever and I look forward to the future that we have ahead of us and I know that you will be watching over us through our entire journey. I know that he really misses you and I promise to be there to comfort him when he is down and encourage him to achieve his goals even during the times he doesn’t believe in himself. He has so much to offer the world and I will be there every step of the way in his corner supporting him. 

Everyone has told me what an amazing person that you were and I wish that I got to meet you, but every time I look at your son, it is proof that all of the things that people told me is true.  You did a phenomenal job raising him and I wish there were more men out there like him, so other girls can know what it feels like to be treated like a queen. 

I wish you didn’t have to go so soon because I would have loved to spend time with you and of course give your son a hard time because he is fun to pick on from time to time. I would have loved to have you in my life as a friend and as a mother-in-law. I appreciate you for giving me the best gift that I could ever ask for and I promise to cherish him forever. 

As we get older and live events occur like marriage and children we will always make sure that you are included. Your grandchildren will know who you are and how special you were to all of us and they will know that their grandma is their guardian angel who is watching over them. 

I will always be there for your son and do everything in my power to make him happy. You will never be replaced and you will always hold value in our hearts and we will make sure to share the same values that you taught him with the future generations that we help create. 

I love you and thank you again for raising such a wonderful man. 


Your Future Daughter-in-law


  • Keyera Mitchell

    Public Relations Specialist, Journalist and Writer Hoping to Change the World. @keyeraariana