(This is not a pipe)

Magritte’s masterfully conveys my inner experience of reality today, discrepancy; we are in the eternal pursue, of what ever idea of happiness we each hold, in a level where preferences go over purpose; we pretend and worst of it all, we forget that we are pretending, spending our lives in a buffer Zone, somewhere between life and death. This for me has taken clear manifestation…

Well it is what it is, You are now the president of the Country that has been example of diversity and democracy, of opportunity through discipline and commitment. Of safety in being…Good news is, You being president does not exonerates me, from my own personal responsibility of choosing within myself, how and where I will be engaging.

I am Aware, I am responsible and abundantly willing! To take the presidency of myself, not you, not anybody will dictate and over right my love. I am super committed to be the light that I am, prepare to serve all ways and at my greatest capacity…President Trump: I did not vote for you, and having said that, today, I commit to make, with or without you, not only America, but this whole planet great! again; Including all colors, creeds and preferences…I will love, I will participate with harmony and benevolence towards all of me (including you), I will generate responsible hopeful conversations, setting clear boundaries, with as much determination, as empathy and compassion, promoting human sustainability, NO EXCEPTIONS.

I will begin with me, the more we love, the more we are loved, the better people we are, as this makes us Re-member, love is who we are, all the time all ways…

As of today I am marching as many steps I can everyday, for a cause that I support wholeheartedly; Responsibility, Awareness and Willingness towards liberation of all this non sense, that we have created where we compete and call that competence, where we have to mentally or emotionally kill to survive…Dear President Trump I Love you…(don’t take it personally though, I love everyone)

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  • Claudia Flores


    Human Sustainability Project

    Claudia Flores is a Mexican-born philanthropist, social entrepreneur, and activist who has devoted her life to service and the positive transformation of the planet. As the founder of the Human Sustainability Project, Claudia synthesizes her decades of experience in social impact work and psychology. She is currently in development of educational offerings that provide opportunities for people from all over the world to experience the resilience, peace, and creativity with which she lives her own life. As the devoted mother of three children, in 2020 Claudia is committed to empowering parents to consciously address the challenging issues of today through personal responsibility. These educational programs and transmedia offerings support parentings in leading Conversations Worth Having and in responsibly responding to global issues with their children. Under Claudia’s leadership, and in partnership with remarkable non-profit organizations and shared mission partners, the Human Sustainability Project is poised to become a beacon of empowerment for parents, teachers, students, activists, artists, corporations, and more.