Dear Universe: Here we are nearing 2020 and yet I am rocked by the revelation of last-century type abuse of women by a man in power. It’s something out of the 1950’s or wartime. How is this still happening in this country? ~ USA

Dear Rocked: Maybe as shocking is the number of people who knew and remained silent. How is one man granted power over others who are no less powerful? In the third dimension of consciousness, whoever is less fearful dominates. Alone, fear swamps us. When we join together, fear dissipates. Humanity has seen the truth in this lesson repeatedly throughout history but is just beginning to be aware of the lesson. History rhymes (self-similar recursive looping patterns) until fear is no more and all that remains is love. Love would never exploit another human being nor allow anyone else to be exploited. (Energetically, the Earth and our Solar System are just now coming out of a polarizing patriarchal, a.k.a. yang, wave cycle as we travel around the Milky Way galaxy. The last 10,000 years of a male-dominated culture is not the first, nor the last.) When you fully understand that you are that which you seek–love, you don’t need lessons or your neighbors to carry you forward. You become powerful beyond measure!


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