Dear Universe:

Look, I believe in equal rights for all people regardless of race, color, sex, but I don’t want to be labeled a feminist. Nor do I want to be judged for not wanting to be labeled a feminist. I think these movements get too carried away. Why do I have to be part of a movement, wear a pin or make a declaration at all? ~ Jack, Jersey

Dear Jack:

A movement is part of the collective healing process that must occur so both parties can move forward hand-in-hand. The exploited rise in consciousness to no longer accept being exploited before a loud, angry rallying cry. The perpetrator is forced to wake up to the consequences of his or her actions. Now feeling remorse, there must be an apology, and the will to make amends. Not directly involved, you aren’t able to relate to the strong emotions being expressed and you won’t go through the process personally. Labels are only necessary until the new, higher consciousness has been assimilated into the masses. Make your irritation an opportunity to explore how you might better express compassion for all parties involved. There is something in this for everyone–even you.

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