Dear Universe: I was excited to see the JFK files released, but then I was disappointed they didn’t clear anything up. Is it possible Lee Harvey Oswald was just the sideshow created by the C.I.A.? I want to know if the C.I.A. really doing this country any good? ~ Disappointed

Dear Disappointed: Are you making the assumption every file was released? There are vaults within government permanently sealed from public consumption. The C.I.A. is a state-sponsored foreign “intelligence” agency that mostly operates from the same level of consciousness–criminal activity–as what it fights, thus, ultimately perpetuating the cycle of “evil,” rather than eradicating it. The proof is the only thing that’s changed in the last fifty years is technology–same terrorism, same spying, same drug wars, same government authorized assassinations. What the C.I.A. can’t do for various reasons, it recruits others to do (or just keeps it secret from Congress). Occasionally lives are saved, but as with all institutions rooted in separation consciousness, perpetuating, even strengthening its existence becomes more important than why it began in the first place. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Ultimately, ego becomes what it fights against. Only the light of higher consciousness, love, can penetrate the hardness of human hearts.


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