Dear Universe: Tell me what we really, really want? Our greatest desire?

Universe: Humans want to be seen and to be loved. That’s the totality of it. All other desire stems out of this desire which is really part of a deeper desire explained in a moment. Notice how everything you do is geared toward being seen and loved. Every monument, every piece of art, every loving act we perform for another. Sadly, even the ones that strap bombs on are begging to be seen and loved using destructive rather than constructive energy to pursue what they believe is unobtainable, undeserving, and separate from them. Being seen and loved reaffirms union with all that is, whether consciously or subconsciously. Your soul continuously whispers to you and the world we are all part of the collective soul of Creation which is why you seek to see beyond the veil or illusion of separation. To know and be One with all that is is literally Heaven on Earth. Notice how good you feel when you recognize your connection to even just one other person. Now imagine knowing your connection with all life. Nirvana!


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