Dear Universe: I Keep Falling in Love with Best Friend’s Boyfriends

Dear Universe: Why you always let me fall in love with a man that love my closest friend? It happened twice and I think it’s not fair to me. I have to pretend that everything it’s fine like nothing happened? ~ Amelia

Dear Amelia: Loving others is as natural as the moon and the stars. Remember when you were a young child and you loved everyone you met? Quickly, you were trained to “turn off” your natural state of being as unconditional love (mind/body/spirit in perfect harmony), and only turn it on selectively. It’s much easier to let our illusory wall of self protection come down around people we trust, and the people they trust. It could simply be that you and your friend share the same relationship ideals. Regardless, it begins with a crush (spirit) that only becomes painful when you allow yourself (mind/body) to indulge in fantasy. Just know you were born to love. If you allow mind/body to engage in fantasizing about someone who doesn’t return your affection because he’s not interested or unavailable, you’re out of balance and the cause of your own suffering. Get back in balance by contemplating your spirit nature as love itself rather than the fantasy. You ARE love. Engage mind and body with activities in clubs or groups where you’ll meet like-minded individuals with shared interests. Therefore, you might find a more suitable partner.


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