1. You are wondrous.
2. You have everything inside of you that you need.
3. Not only is your worth not predicated on what the world says about you, but it is actually far GREATER than you know in this moment.
4. Reframe=Magic. And your body feels and shows it.
5. That fire that once burned so bright inside of you is STILL THERE. It may be crackling softly in a nook or crevice, but it is still there, patiently waiting for some oxygen to kick it back up to its greatest height.
6. Letting go gives your soul the room it needs to expand.
7. There are endless options of what can make your body feel like home again, even if your doctor tells you otherwise. In fact, you can feel it in an even bigger way than you’ve ever known.
8. Your love for yourself radiates out.
9. Speaking your truth about your pain makes you a Warrior, not a victim.
10. You deserve your own love most of all.