You may be young but that won’t last forever. One day you’re going to miss the small town that you claim to hate. You will miss the Mom you claim is a dork and you will miss having little responsibility.

You may take each morning you wake for granted but start waking with a smile. Every day is a gift and it is important that you start to realize that.

You may hate change right now but it is a positive part of life, I promise. Don’t fear the unknown because you will soon be seeking it out.

You may feel alone now but you will become even more motivated to better your life. The downs may be rocky but you have the best friends in the world to get through it all.

You may feel a world of stress from the years of education but who gives a shit if you get a B every once in a while. A letter grade doesn’t define you and you may as well figure that out now.

You may feel imperfect and uncomfortable with yourself at times. But, you are who you are and that is more than enough. Listen to the compliments people send your way because they are meant to be absorbed.

You may feel anger towards individuals over the years but learn how to get rid of that. If someone isn’t kind to you or who you love, they aren’t meant to take up time in your life.

You may beat yourself up on a daily basis but that does nothing. A wise teammate will tell you someday that “there is no sense in worrying because then you’re stressing twice.” Don’t pull more weight than you can carry.

You may lose people, figuratively and literally, along your path but there is support in every direction. Don’t shut people out and use the crutches that are handed to you.

You may not have the answers but you will live with a smile. Enjoy every single second because they tick by faster than you think.

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