Being a working mom often means balancing the needs of your home and family with the ever-increasing demands of work. You may feel as if you never truly get an opportunity to rest, as you are “on duty” at home as much as you are in the office. This situation leads many women to live in a state of chronic stress, which will eventually result in burnout. Practising self-care is one of the best measures you can take to manage your stress and avoid burning out as a female business leader.

Why You Need Self-Care

Many women are so “others-focused” that, as they become busier, they unconsciously neglect their own needs. When you work full-time and have kids at home, for example, you may not think you have time to fit in a daily workout. Sitting down to eat a salad may feel like a waste of time when you could quickly grab a premade snack as you run out the door.

The problem is that as we neglect our health in small ways day after day, we are setting ourselves up to feel worse, to have less energy, and to be more stressed. We can’t give the best of ourselves throughout our many roles unless we are taking care of ourselves first. 

Exercise as Self-Care

Exercise is an excellent form of self-care. Try to make it a priority in your life. Your workouts don’t have to be time-consuming and can even become part of your family time. Even short exercises will allow you to enjoy the benefits of stress-busting endorphins. You could go for walks in the evening with your kids or wake up before them and do a 20-minute yoga routine at home. You can jog, bike, dance, lift weights, or go to the gym. Whatever you choose to do, it’s best if you enjoy it and can work up a sweat. 

Other Types of Self-Care

While exercise is a universal form of self-care, other types of self-care can be as unique as you are. Decide what is going to make the most significant difference in your life and commit to making it part of your routine. It may require some experimentation for you to find the type of self-care that is most beneficial, but it’s worth the effort. As you learn to incorporate self-care into your life, you will find yourself more energized and able to give more of yourself to both your family and your work.