One thing you will notice as you age is more and more of your peers, relatives and family will pass on. No doubt one of the most devastating times of a person’s life.

Hire a trustworthy real estate agent.

After the passing of a loved one a lot of money is at stake when selling property ensure your real estate professional has your best interest in mind.

Why? First off, money gets in the way during stressful times. The last thing you want to worry about is your realtor taking advantage of the situation.

Of course personal recommendations are best, however the internets numerous review sites system works well to weed out the obvious screw ups in the industry.

While most real estate agents are qualified and honest professionals it’s always important to get referrals and references to help you during such a trying time.

Don’t be scared to ask for at least four different references.

Let an estate liquidator deal with the belongings

Without a doubt one of the most heartbreaking moments in a person’s life is disposing of a household full of memories.

Of course to compound the problem, add the stresses of managing an estate, argumentative relatives, add the grief of a death in the family and it’s a recipe for a mental break down.

As much as you would want to supervise the whole thing, it’s probably best left to an estate sale liquidation professional.

Why do you ask? Well imagine someone comes in to buy one of your parents old fishing poles.

You know, the one he used to catch that huge striped bass, remember how it brought the biggest smile to his face?


picture this, an individual comes in and gives you a low ball offer or makes a sly remark in an insensitive attempt to haggle a lower price.

Of course you know how much your father loved it however receiving a low ball offer on a sale is enough to bring many other unsavory feelings.

Of course this can be emotionally overwhelming and is best left to professionals without emotional connections.

Join a support group

It’s important to note everyone copes differently while some prefer to be surrounded by people still others become depressed and isolate themselves.

Interestingly enough it’s difficult for most people to identify with the pain your going through unless they too are in the same situation. Or, even if they can empathize, the sincerity of a person in the same situation is hard to question.

Often they say good friends are made during trying times, give it a shot you have very little to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Get some exercise.

Even if it’s only 20 minutes of vigorous exercise there is no questions it will help you through the grieving process.

Exercise will boost your endorphin levels leaving you with more feelings of hopefulness.

Of course you may feel the urge to be by yourself, to isolate yourself however make an effort to invite someone who makes you happy.

Don’t be afraid to talk it out and focus on the the life of your friend or relative. The truth is loved ones want to see you happy.

Reconnect with their friends, sharing stories with a close friend of will indeed help bring joy and closure.

By incorporating these tips we can avoid some of the anxiety and help us on our journey through the grieving process and of course ultimately emotional balance.

Attend a wellness retreat

Let me start by expressing to you how helpful a wellness retreat is during times of hurt and emotional turmoil.  

As a matter of fact the activities and exercises at  these community based retreats, are tailored to zap anxiety away and encourage mindfulness. 

To put it simply, while you are there, your mind will be in the moment.

Along the coast of California nestled deep in the majestic redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains a group of healers and entrepreneurs have started a three day wellness retreat especially helpful for those going through difficult times.   

Stay Busy

Few words of advice are as valuable as the ones above. For example, I’m sure you have heard the quote “an idle mind is the devils playground”.  While we need not elaborate further on the quote it’s important to note a broken heart and an idle mind will bring on depression.

Try picking up a hobby or even a part time job.  For example when a friend of mine went through heart break he immersed himself in a new part time job.  In fact he picked up a job helping a local gardening service.  He recently reached out to me and told me how therapeutic the manual labor was for him.  Give it a shot, pick up a job or a new hobby.