Entrepreneur Debashish Talukdar is the founder of Talukdar Consulting, a firm that has helped dozens of individuals achieve their goals and live the life they envisioned. In this article, he shares his top tips for avoiding stress and living a great life!

Avoiding Stress And Achieving Success

On the topic of stress, Debashish sites a quote from one of his mentors, Master Sri Akarsana: “Your thoughts dictate your actions.”

Whenever Debashish faces a stressful situation, he tries to calm himself down as quickly as possible. He does this by simply inhaling and exhaling slowly. Apart from this, he ensures that he meditates regularly to help keep goals aligned with the universe and keep his mind from negative thoughts.

“Business not only runs on skills and strategies but also with the most important trait, ” mindset”. And most people ignore this.” – Debashish says. 

Looking Onward 

Unlike most entrepreneurs out there, money has never been Debashish’s goal. He’s always in the pursuit of happiness. And this goal has helped him make the right decisions for his business and his life. 

Apart from being genuinely happy, Debashish plans to scale his agency to new heights in the future. Right now, he’s putting up and executing plans to make sure he hits the milestones he set in record time.

Debashish is also striving to leave a legacy behind that inspires people to make a difference in society, he goes further to share that he doesn’t want to be known as the “entrepreneur who earns a lot of income” but the one who was able to create a mission to reform the way people think about entrepreneurship and the modern educational system which pitches people against entrepreneurship. 

Drawing Motivation

When asked what his source of motivation is, Debashish points to the fact that he possesses the ability and flexibility to do what he wants, whenever he wants to do it. Asides this, having a business also gives him the necessary motivation he requires. 

You see, a business is a responsibility, and each time he remembers this fact, he goes on full throttle because he is in charge of the future of the business and the people who rely on his business to prosper. And lastly, the need to make a positive impact on society gives him the will to move forward and achieve the goals he’s set in life.

Words Of Advice

Here are some words of advice from Debashish to anyone who wants to achieve success in business and life:  

“One of the most important tips that I can give out is to be a good listener. Whether it’s in business or relationships, you have to be the best listener. 

People don’t really care what you think, what they care about is how they feel and what they think, people want to be heard. 

If you don’t listen to what your customer wants and keep producing the same content/results and do not mold yourself according to what they’ve said, then at some point they’ll leave. So is the same in a relationship, it is important to listen to what your partner has to say.”