In our daily lives, we are called to face different situations, different moods, different obstacles, different difficulties, different reactions. There are days that our daily routine seems exceptional and we adore it, and there are days that this same routine suffocates us and we are desperate to get rid of it.

There are days that we feel like flying among blissful white clouds, feeling fearless, powerful and super able to achieve anything, and there are days that we wake up feeling that we cannot even get out of bed, let alone start coping with all the things that make up our daily life.

There are days that our environment and social interactions are a splendid supporter in our effort to cope with life’s daily requirements and in the pursuit of accomplishing our wildest dreams, and there are days that these same people seem like our worst enemy, in full gear to do anything to get us out of our way.

On any given day, whatever your mood, whatever the circumstances, there is only one factor that defines how this day is going to end up. YOU!

At any given time, your self has two parts.

On one hand, you have the part whose job is to realise any difficulties or obstacles that you are called to face, which are usually, if not always, very real. If you are about to get the flu, it is normal to feel weak and have difficulty getting out of bed. If your colleague from the next cubicle has a bad day and came to work filled with negativity and a very very bad mood, it is normal that he has a negative effect on your day. If your parents that regularly help you with the kids, while you are out there building your career, give you a last minute announcement that something suddenly came up and they can’ t help you today, it is normal to get angry since your perfectly planned day is ruined.

On the other hand, you have the part of your self which is expected to react to the perception that the first part has noted/felt. It is the part which will decide if you will get out of bed or not when having the flu symptoms. It is the part that will decide how to cope with the grumpy (hopefully for the day) colleague; whether you will fall in the negativity hole created at your work space or masterfully avoid it. It is the part that will decide how to cope with the unexpected last minute change of plans.

How any different person perceives certain situations, and how he or she reacts to them, has a lot to do, with each and every one’s innate character, but is also correlated to each and every one’s life experiences. It is also correlated to the character of those that have the biggest effect on that individual. It is at the same time something that one can choose to cultivate and is possible to change it.


To begin with, you owe it to your self to realise your inner power, your true potential. You alone can define how a certain situation will unfold, by differentiating your attitude towards it. The situation is what it is. Its result is a function of the situation and your reaction to it.

Your grumpy colleague can affect your mood with his negativity only if you adopt a passive attitude and you allow it. Or you can choose to affect him with your positive attitude. In the worst case, if you don’ t manage to pull him up, you will at least not fall in his negativity hole.


Each step we make in life, whether this is a major life choice, or an immaterial daily decision of an ordinary day, is ours to decide. We regularly choose, one way or the other, if we will move backwards, if we will stay static, or if we will move forward. Getting out of bed on a difficult morning is YOUR choice. You can choose to stay in bed, relax, regain powers and wake up the next day refreshed. Or, you can make the hard decision to get up, gather whatever powers you have left, draw power from your dreams and go out there to pursue them no matter what. Both cases win. At any case, make sure that your choice is conscious and is the one you really want. CHOOSE YOUR CHOICE!


Many times we have in our head, a certain path which we follow and which we consider as the one that leads to our goals, our dreams. Most of the times though, the path is not unique. Multiple paths can lead to the same goals, the same dreams. There is not a single, an optimum, the best path to our goals and dreams. There are many. Whichever we decide to take, we will reach our dreams, we will accomplish our goals. As long as we keep moving forward. What if your parents can’t help you today? You will get the chance to spend some extra quality time with your kids, rather that your grumpy colleague.

No matter what happens, with discipline, determination and positive thinking, stay focused to your goals, to your dreams, to the attitude towards life that you chose to adopt, the one that you decided you want to characterize all the days in your life.


  • Stelios Savva

    Life Coach

    Stelios specializes in coaching you through your personal and professional lives. After many years of experience in many fields, as an entrepreneur, as a manager, as an employee, and involvement in many sports including athletics, basketball, volleyball and muai thai, he became a professional coach in his quest to find a way to help people. He considers his love for life and people to be his niche. His vision is to make the world a better place through helping people achieve their full potential and achieve extraordinary results. For more information on Stelios visit