1) Choose the niche that can be fully operated online

Have you always dreamt about opening your cafe? Probably you are wondering that now it’s the worst time for such an idea. However, have you thought outside the box? What about opening an online cafe? Not just an online delivery (because there are hundreds of them). I am talking about an online service where people can join via video/audio calling, do networking while eating/drinking food that was delivered from your cafe directly to their homes. You could create common rooms in Zoom, or separate private rooms for friends if they want to celebrate a birthday together. 

2) Set up your budget opportunities

When you have an idea and you know what you want to create, it’s time to think about the budget. As soon as you know the amount of money you can spend on launching your business, you can plan HOW you are gonna do it. Your budget depends on everything, for example, if you can use expensive agencies or need to outsource your tasks. 

3) Create a modern website that will make your clients stay and scroll

As you are making your business online, outstanding UI/UX design and website are crucial things for you. People evaluate the content, clothes, shops, cafes by their design and visual presence. Every product design process and website development, be it for a cafe, IT company or law firm, requires in-depth design research before to find the common ground of the target audience, identify their needs, requirements, goals and ways of thinking. If you have this, you know how your website needs to look and what your customers are expecting. If you have a limited budget to start with, use free tools such as TildaWix and other web builders. Also, you can find starting freelancers that can help you at a low cost. 

4) Social Media Channels Are The New Black

You have an idea, you have a budget, you launched your website… What’s next? Of course, it’s time for social media channels. Create your profile on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, PinterestThis guide can help you create a social media strategy that is essential for online business. Social media will not just build your online awareness, but also help and support you during a pandemic – check how Instagram does it.

5) Last but not least is a regular critical check of your business

Remember, you need to be as critical to yourself as possible. The more issues you find, the more mistakes you solve, the better business quality you will provide. As a result, remember about regular checks and audits. For example, experts recommend doing UX audit of your website at least every 1-3 month. This will help you to increase sales, performance and of course your ROI

If you are still thinking that opening a business during COVID-19 is a bad idea, other people just do it. For motivation check this WSJ article about a 22-year old woman that opened her bakery during coronavirus and didn’t fail. 

Remember, a pandemic might be the right time to make your dreams come true and open your own business.


  • Romana Kuts

    Writer, Marketer

    A passionate writer and marketing manager creating stories about team/project management, international communication, the tech world and remote work.