Consider the possibility: 

Decision making as your Super Power. 

What if you decided to: 

 – let go of expected outcomes and allow life to unfold without judgement? 

– drop the negative commentary and get curious instead? 

– see yourself not as a problem to be fixed, but as a powerful person capable of anything? 

– forgive yourself for past mistakes, holding yourself with the gentleness you deserve?  

What if…

…you decided the checklist the world handed you as a guaranteed formula for happiness & success in life… wasn’t? 

What if…

… instead of beating yourself up about not being satisfied living society’s agenda, you decided to let yourself off the hook, recognizing that you did the best you could with what you knew and what you had? 

What if..

…instead of feeling guilty for your life decisions: the house you bought, the job you took, the time you spent at work, the time you didn’t spend making dinner, the words you wish you hadn’t spoken…

What if you decided to forgive yourself, the world, and choose again? 

Consider the possibility that you have the power to decide to see differently.

And that a switch in perspective can change your life, one thought at a time.