If talent is learned then there is no doubt that each of his is just a reflection of how hard we worked on our strengths, inclinations or choices, before or after we were born. It could be that some were so intensively developing in their intrauterine life that they just came out to life after they had already started the work. For others it just takes some time, focus, self-reflection, research, decision making and double of all that – perseverance to make it at an equal level with the firsts. None of them is right or wrong as long as each individual reaches fulfillment. My question is how the environment is better approachable: thru mother’s filter or directly faced outside the belly? That could also be just a matter of chance and not too much time should be spent on issues that are already given and one can not change. That is how everything filters down to doing your very own best. Each of us in each circumstance. The mother and the baby. The father and the surrounding environment. Once all are doing their best in the specific moment in time and take decisions based on the data they have at hand, giving hope the fair share but still relying on current facts, the door for coming decisions will be open to a certain direction. There are infinite doors in front of each moment and one door will open thru this maze. Inside each door there are millions of other doors requiring decisions. The difficulty and surprise behind each door will be a function of the criteria used in the current decision. The more facts and pragmatism one uses (again, giving the fair share to hope and mystery), the more accessible the coming doors will be. The more you change proportions and leave the facts behind in favor of the unknown, the more you make space for a higher possibility of challenge as the next doors will be pray to low facts rather decisions. Luck can always come up. Or not. However, the way opened by each door is only making place for others, as movement and decision is based on that. Now, I can print this image in my mind about how life is just a massive overlap of many mazes. You look at them and see that some even have overlapped directions for some little time but they sure diverge later, one door can sit on many mazes’ directions but can be open to the same amount of new doors or just one… the whole point is to start them all, fail, know when to give up, make facts based decisions, and understand that you just need to reach the end of only few to have the ingredients of fulfillment. For some may complete all and still lack the passion, some may make it only with few and enjoy the ride, the curiosity of the open doors, the thrill and excitement of being in the game, without waiting for the end of it but being just present and doing their best, working hard to become skillful, aiming to stay calm on the way and joyful.