Throw, donate, and repurpose

First things first, gather all the clothing pieces or accessories that you haven’t used in the past 6 months. From there, separate them into the things that you’re going to throw away and the items that are still wearable. The wearable items should be donated to the needy instead of being thrown out. Toss aside the damaged, shrunken, and discolored clothing or try to repurpose them.

If you have any old graphic t-shirts that you don’t dare to throw away, cut out the front and sew it all together to make a decorative throw blanket. Or if you have any clothing that doesn’t hold any aesthetic values anymore, turn them into a washable mop head or a cleaning cloth for your kitchen.

Keep the Classics

While it may be tempting to follow the fashion trends, seasonal clothing won’t last long. It’s best if you keep all the classic clothing items like a plain white tee, boyfriend jeans, a comfy cardigan, a sturdy pair of black, white, or blue sneakers, and simple gold or silver jewelries.

Just think of all the crop tops, fishnet stockings, and uncomfortable sliders. Guaranteed that you will only wear them once in a while when they’re still in trend. If you want to achieve that Instagram-worthy OOTD look, you can do so with the simple, classic items. What matters is how you style the clothing pieces and by doing so, you’ll give your wardrobe a break by getting rid of all the seasonal items.

Consider Color Coordinating

To make getting ready, and life in general, much easier, hang your clothing based on their colors; it’ll be easier to match your clothing this way. Not only will your wardrobe look neater, you can cut down the time for getting ready in nearly half when you color-coordinate your clothing. Just think of the color you want to wear for the day, grab the pieces, put them on, and you’re ready to walk out the door.

If color coordinating is still not enough to organize all your clothing, store it based on the color and function. For instance, gather all your white and black tank tops that you usually wear for undergarments, group all the nude jackets and cardigans together, and tuck away the neon sports attires with each other.

Invest in organizational containers

Sometimes all your clothing pieces won’t be able to be hung so you’ve got to store them inside drawers or cabinets. Instead of storing them inside a separate chest or drawer, there are organizational containers that could fit right in your wardrobe. In here, you can place folded clothing items like underwear, tank tops, camisoles, and other pieces that don’t need hanging. You can also use smaller containers to store necklaces, broaches, small purses, clutches, and more.

Get a bigger wardrobe

If you really can’t throw away any of your clothes, accessories, and footwear, the last resort is to get another wardrobe to store your extra items. Opt for a zippered, canvas wardrobe if you don’t want to purchase another bulky, wooden closet. There are some canvas wardrobes in the market that are able to fit your folded and hanging clothes and the organizational containers. Check them out below and get your life on track with a clean, decluttered wardrobe!