I was deeply touched and empowered by a highly appreciative endorsement of my book, Pilgrimage on the Path of Love. The endorsement penned by a Professor of Business Administration was truly amazing as my book is a novel of visionary fiction. In spite of this, he was able to perceive the subtle dimensions of the book and describe his experience when reading it in incredibly affirmative and glowing terms. In the first sentence of his endorsement, he placed me in the category of “the best writers”! He said, “It is my experience that the best writers are those with keen and alert observation skills. In Pilgrimage on the Path of Love, we are privileged to feast on the delicacies of keen observation that at once affirm the reader’s own life experiences and delight the reader in the bond created by that recognition.” He also had the intuitive ability to understand why this book was relevant to the current time in which the feminine psyche is rising to the forefront, and helping to steer life forward in a more holistic and compassionate way. He says, “For the male reader, the text will awaken him to the sensitivities of the female mind. And such an awareness for men is very vital in this age that is witnessing the rise of the gentleness and compassion that is the hallmark of the cosmic feminine.” I wasn’t aware of this aspect while writing the book and his endorsement brought this strength of the narrative to my attention. I was truly speechless with joy when the endorsement went on to say that my book falls in the same exalted category as two of the great classics of spiritual autobiographies. When I initially asked him to read my book, I never expected more than a few sentences. I just hoped he might find something he liked in it. I was truly stunned by the endorsement sent by him and I felt a new upsurge of confidence in my work. He had realized the inner significance of the message I expressed in the book and affirmed in his endorsement that the message contained in my book was true and needed in today’s world. The final lines of his endorsement were:  “It is wonderful to live in an age in which Enlightenment is a growing understanding, and to receive the blessings of those moving along the path with such awareness as author Barbara Briggs.