After a Year of a tragedy accident Deewiz aka David, recovered from the misery and continues to turn his negatives into a positive outlook. He Released a new EP called ‘MORE TIME’.

Deewiz- Overdose GRM Daily Release

Take the time out to appreciate his continuous fight and struggle towards the tragedy accident of being ran over by a lorry which he suffered in january 2018. Deewiz is originally from Nigerian heritage  and is making a limelight career in the UK industry, he had recently  released his new video on GRM Daily’s Official Channel with a very good response From the audience of over 30k viewers in Just 24hrs of being released..  This is well deserved and remarkable! He is a rising star in Music Industry and is here to inspire like no other.
Continue to support his journey 
He is inspiration for many artists and fans of those who lost someone in the past.

I’ve never met a more inspiring and relatable artist as deewiz is genuine and different to other artists.