I recently spent some time with an entrepreneur who felt that her team was “stepping on her cape.” Holding her back from expanding the business into different market areas, tightening expenses and taking the risk necessary for the next phase of success.

A wonderful visual!

Sound familiar?

I think we have all been in different situations when we’ve felt the tug of someone who has been stepping on our cape. I now use the phrase as a great visual for overcoming obstacles. The image of the cape resonates with us all as we connect with pop culture and real life.

Whether you relate to Wonder Woman or Superman we all recognize the significance of the cape. It creates a positive image of someone who shares a super power.

In today’s society, it is the power of the individual who takes the risk and reward to celebrate change and pursue their dreams.

As an entrepreneur, it is the quality that contributes to our business idea. It sets the foundation for the product or service that sets us apart from our competition.

As an individual, it is the quality or skill that we most often use to fuel our drive, determination and discipline to succeed.

The red cape is our symbol of action.

It creates a response and strong visual when worn by a superhero. A superhero, to the team that contributes to our personal and professional success.

As a speaker and storyteller, my topic is “Everyday Cape Crusaders” because I believe that each and every one of us has a unique skill or quality that contributes to our individuality. The “thing” that most people easily identify with our personality. It is what makes us unique and contributes to our own brand of success.

Visualization is the tool most of us use when we are making a decision that will change our future. The quality or skill we rely on is attached to the “cape.”

We may at various times in our journey feel that our team, friends and or family is “stepping on our cape” holding us back from making the changes we feel are necessary for expansion, growth and opportunity.

There are various resources that we use when we are making decisions big or small that affect our future and we rely on these tools when we are ready to navigate change.

A strategic entrepreneur will analyze the warning signals from their team who may have legitimate reasons for “stepping on our cape.” They may be waving the flag for caution, reflection and analysis. However, we all know that ultimately it is the owner of the business who calculates the risks and moves forward with the plan.

In our personal life, we need to embrace our cape so that it builds confidence, confidence that will encourage our plan for the future is actioned with success. It creates an energy that defeats the naysayers and attracts support.

We often rely on our superpower!

When I share entrepreneurial stories that break barriers and create lightbulb moments we are able to connect with the human spirit. These stories keep it real with an insight into how others have overcome obstacles.

Sometimes, we just need a little nudge to reconnect with our superpower.

Think back to the time when we were kids. Who didn’t at one time or another as a child run around the house wearing a towel as a cape getting ready to save our world?

It is story that we all share with a strong visual image.

Sometimes, we just need to reconnect with our superpower and celebrate the “thing” that gives us the confidence to be our own super hero.

Perhaps, the next time you find yourself up against a barrier…think of your cape…and

Define Your Superpower!

As a storyteller, Trish shares stories from the book Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and her guest blog Share Your Story along with a few resources you may consider as you become your own super hero.