Dr. Pulkit had his goals and ambitions clear from a very young age and worked really hard to become a successful affiliate marketer. He has an MBA to his name and he is a Doctor of Philosophy in Management. His unique skills and knowledge of the market have helped various brands reach their target audience. He believes that Affiliate Marketing is an art and the one who excels at it is the one who practiced it the most times with a unique sense of individuality and creativity.

Dr. Pulkit Trivedi is a multi talented individual who is not only good at blogging and affiliate marketing but he is also an active public speaker and a mentor for many. He was born and brought up in Ahmedabad, Gujrat and he completed his formal education in the same city. He believes that discipline and formal ethics are very important during the early stages of life. A balance of hard work and leisure is essential and Dr. Pulkit enjoyed playing video games and loved to read books in his free time. 

Dr. Pulkit Trivedi was born in a normal family and had to work hard for every single thing. The number of opportunities was limited but he worked hard and his passion for his dreams allowed him to manifest them. Even now Dr. Pulkit is trying to bring out his best and become the top blogger and affiliate market. He is also a good public speaker and was elected as a member of Gujarat University. 

The constant desire to achieve excellence and the drive to do better every single time is the perfect attitude towards life. Dr. Pulkit had to face many setbacks too but he came back even stronger every single time and achieved everything that he has today. He is a truly motivating factor for many and he considers the popular entrepreneur Russell Brusson to be his mentor.